Half masked 1///M video

This is a video from YouTube showing a half masked upcoming 1 series M. Yum. Quad exhaust!!

more from video captures

Still have not seen the spec yet!

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Decided on the 1///M

Here are some of the video of the BMW 1///M. It is a slightly bigger and wider car with more power. It is likely to have:

BMW official video:

1 addicts spying video @ Nurburgring:

  • 260kW.
  • DCT as per the 135i now.
  • LSD.
  • 245 19" front tyre and
  • Probably a 265 19" rear tyre

I hope most of the options are standard.

Rumour the price to be $120K in Australia. But some report say it is just north of $100K. Hope the report is right :)


一仔 has a new sound

BMW performance exhaust has been installed for a week now. Here are my thoughts:

In pure sound terms, it has better lower rev rumbling that the stock exhaust lacks. Stock exhaust has a silencer which makes street driving not as satisfying. It feels like there is something restricting the air flow at low speed. It feels like the 1er has asthma. :D.

The performance exhaust sounds the best when it is low speed, cold and is close to wide open throttle. In cruising, there is a low tone rumble and may annoy someone. I used to own a stock Honda Integra DC2 Type R. The Honda does 4000rpm @ 110kph on 5th gear. That is way more annoying I tell you.

How should I describe the noise. Let see the video below. It is hard to pick it up with the video camera and I had to enhance the recording to reflect as best and as truthful as I can.

I would describe it as a very dry low tone noise. “Dry” as if you have a very sore throat without any mucus on your throat. Sorry for the medical analogy here but at least this is more familiar with me.

The only disappointing thing is when the car is FOT in high rev, the new exhaust is not that much different from stocky. However, after 100km. It opens up one time today when I press hard at low rev, the pop comes in when changing gear.

It is certainly a different exhaust. I never have a tubro car before so the character is totally different from an NA car. You see NA car exhaust will make enormous sounds in high rev, making you wanting to rev the car more. Tubro exhaust like this one is totally opposite, wanting you to press on low rev and low speed – so I want to make someone heard when I pass you on the street!!!


Alpine BMW speaker unit fitted

Ah this is my Xmas present to the 1er. It is an upgrade of the front speakers with amplifier


Brochure reads

A class-leading two-year BMW warranty adds further appeal
to this premium accessory.

– Designed by Alpine Electronics specifically for the BMW 1 Series
and BMW 3 Series.
– No need to visit a specialist car audio store to enhance your
audio system.
– Seamless integration with the vehicle’s electrical system.
– Original speaker position in the doors remains, preserving
the look of the interior.
– High-range/mid-range speakers with aluminum membrane.
– Powerful Alpine Class D technology amplifier 4 x 80 Watt RMS
with a harmonic distortion of just 0.5%.
– Loudspeaker grille with Alpine logo.
– Amplifier located neatly and safely under boot floor.

Alpine Hi-Fi System kit contains:
– Amplifier.
– Two high-range speakers.
– Two mid-range speakers.
– Two frequency gates.
– Cable harness including small parts.
– Two Alpine logo badges.


Oops I did it again

It wasn't done parking at all It was done when I was driving hard and turn in too quick.

I got it repaired today at Wheel Solution today. The owner is an important teacher in my life. Most of the racing skill I know is from this man, Matt Coleman... the ex Porsche Carrera cup champ. He is now good at driving a sander and spray gun.

He does it much proper way. He takes the wheel off, strip the tyres, sand and respray the whole wheel. Cost is the same as the mobile service.
Highly recommended.


Bye Bye 325… hello back TAKA-1

After about 2 weeks,  the parts arrived by air from Germany. However, after changing over the headlight parts. They found the headlight module also faulty and has to be replaced. That is a sealed box that has to be changed as a whole. The parts is located in the head office in Sydney. After another half a week, they have sorted by car. They also washed by car to test out the new headlight. :). They said every thing is fine. So fine…

Now make me think a little – the car has a headlight warning signal before but it also dies before the car went to BMW.

On the same token, I had to return the 325i I borrowed. My thought of the car is that it is very comfortable. Handle well. But 2.5L engine drinks a lot (13L/100km), and it goes only moderately well.

The update iDrive is a must for all the BMW ... although it took me a few days to fully know all the functions, but once it is all sorted and explored, it work better than most units out there. The navigation of the route is easy to understand and speak well. It also has lane directions. The only draw back is the navigation menu is difficult to access fast, even if you know where to go.

I manage to do 8.1 sec from 0-100kmh. I thought the car was quicker.